Uploading and Committing

date: May 19, 2015

This is for developers to use and includes steps on using tortoisegit.

Once development has been done and html files are created/modified, its time to upload / commit your work.

go to D:\xampp\htdocs\[website]
right click in the empty space and say "Git check for modifications"
the git pending changes window opens
right click on any new files (at the bottom) and say add

Syncing to ftp (web), i.e [website].com
open ftpsync and select our connection
drag drop the files from git pending changes into ftpsync
you may have to go to cpanel to create new folders as there is a problem with FTPSync doing them
in ftp sync, click sync. in case any file errors, check it and try again
check the web for your new content

Committing to Bitbucket
Once everything is ok, it's time to commit to bitbucket
in the git pending changes window, click the commit button
enter your commit message and press ok
if the commit succeeds, you will see a push button, press that
it will ask for your bitbucket password, give that and continue
- push may fail with a message saying your repository is behind.
- close that popup and right click on the folder and in the tortoise git menu say pull (it will ask for password)
- *pull may additionally do a merge of changed files (if the remote committer has changed the same files as you). you may have to resolve conflicts
- do another commit (of the conflicted changes) before attempting another push
You can visit https://bitbucket.org/[username]/[reponame]/commits/all to see your commit

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