Lafayette Final Testing - 9th April 2005

pool video Lafayette Closeup & Dive.wmv
Size: 3.23MB
Duration: 0:01:08
Taken from inside the pool, this video vividly shows our Lafayette Submarine. It dived, but got stalled because batteries were low and the rain was causing too much trouble for the remote control.
pool video Lafayette Debriefing.wmv
Size: 4.45 MB
Duration: 0:01:32
The complete debriefing that followed after we finished our diving and propulsion tests. Includes a small discussion from KP on what actually went on and how we managed to achieve neutral buoyancy in the water.
pool video Lafayette Dive n Surface.wmv
Size: 2.19MB
Duration: 0:00:46
Proper test done to see if the submarine was diving properly or not and to verify if the trimming was correct. Weight distribution was OK and Piston Tank response was good.
pool video Lafayette Propulsion.wmv
Size: 1.45MB
Duration: 0:00:31
Trying out the Lafayette at FLANK SPEED. It was everything we ever dreamed of. Even the braking (by reversing the prop) was damn good!!! Everyone watching thought we'd hit the wall except me:)
pool video Lafayette Surfacing.wmv
Size: 927KB
Duration: 0:00:19
Initially, we dove the submarine near the side of the pool and emptied the piston tank at full speed to see how soon it would surface. It quickly breached the surface as we hoped it would do in times of emergency.
pool video Lafayette Swim & Dive.wmv
Size: 2.51MB
Duration: 0:00:51
A short clip of our submarine doing its first underwater run. It was just below the surface for a good part, showing off the control that only a piston tank can give us.
pool video Submarine Systems - Overview.wmv
Size: 4.11MB
Duration: 0:01:26
Shot by the poolside, this clip narrates the functioning of the entire system with the various sections explained in detail.
pool video Submarine Systems - Drives & Aft Section.wmv
Size: 5.0MB
Duration: 0:01:44
In this clip, Imran has explained the on-board drive systems and how water is drawn in to the piston tank.
pool video Submarine Systems - Radio Controller.wmv
Size: 2.69MB
Duration: 0:00:56
This clip shows the 4 channel radio system, how the drive to the motors is given and mentions how significant underwater RF attenuation is.