Lafayette Final Testing - 9th April 2005

It began with a simple request from KP to design the on-board electronics for a "mini submarine" and help him to build one. Finally sinking our teeth into the Lafayette Model, we took 3 months to assemble and make systems ready in all respects for diving operations, completed in the face of much adversity on the 9th of April.

To best demonstrate what we accomplished, the videos and photos we took are accompanied. In addition to his and mine whole hearted grit to actually make things work here, it would be negligent of us not to mention the tremendous support from Sir, Andre, Naren, Jon, Floyd & Raj Kumar.

The "Images" button on the left links to our assembly photos on flickr

In the documents section, copies of the reports we submitted in our college from both the mechanical aspect as well as the electrical & electronics one. In addition to this, we have included the report that we sent for the "Windows Embedded Student Challenge" and our participation certificate.