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We are now the technology partners for YieldMore, a venture for quality and holistic progress.

building better websites and business apps

Cselian Tech strives to be an effective technology service provider to organizations, building intelligent solutions to optimize business function and content management. 

Why choose us

  • We do turnkey IT development projects.
  • We put our diverse experience at your disposal.
  • We believe in quality and sound ability.
  • We help you meet project goals by careful analysis and communication.
  • Concept, design and engineering of websites.

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What we do

Content / Portfolio websites
eCommerce / Business websites
Website and logo design
Desktop and Mobile apps
Retail and oem apps
Project Management / Consulting
Developer mentoring

What technologies we use

  • Php / .Net windows apps and websites.
  • MVC Frameworks like Yii for business sites
  • WordPress for content / portfolio sites
  • Microvic for lightweight websites
  • Windows 7 & 8 Mobile Programming.
  • Word and VB Automation
  • Embedded Programming with mini electronics.
Our Best MicroViC (custom CMS) site
3 WordPress sites including the OLD in Imperishable theme
3 More sites in MicroViC

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